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Wylde Ivy

Briar + Vanilla Perfume

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The Scent

As reckless summer days start their slide into golden autumn celebration, time slows. The earth, she pauses, holding her breath and waiting for that one last burst of color, light, and magic before the winter blankets her and kisses her goodnight. Hush, if you are still you can feel it. The grass stands unmoving, the brush and bramble are dried and still, the flowers cling to their last tired petals, and everywhere there is the scent of the late summer sweetness on the air...of the promise of autumn.

Raw vanilla, charred amber, dried brambles warmed in the sun, white cedarwood bows, dried oakmoss dusted with crushed tonka beans, a touch of woodsmoke on frost nipped air mingled with a soft sugar musk.

Hello September Collection
Golden afternoons slip into brisk nights and the scents of autumn approaching on the breeze. Welcome back the aromas of pumpkins and apples, fall woods and sweet treats, and all the glorious spices that fall brings.

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The Product:
Wylde Ivy perfumes are concentrated perfume oils dispersed in professional perfumer’s alcohol. Crafted in small artisan batches, Wylde Ivy fragrances are paraban, phthalate and cruelty free.

Size and Packaging
Wylde Ivy Perfumes come in one ounce rectangular heavy glass bottles topped off with a modern brushed metal mister top. They feature beautiful full color labels that are unique to each scent. Enclosed in every bottle are genuine Swarovski crystals!

Contains: SD40B Alcohol, Fragrance, &  Methyl Glucose Ether

Customer Reviews

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Ash B.
What a lovely perfume house! The package w...

What a lovely perfume house! The package was so nice! The perfumes are amazing! I got Briar + Vanilla as a gift for someone but couldn't resist smelling it myself. It's a lovely, oakmossy, expensive smelling vanilla fragrance (also absolutely in love with the Cedarwood Hollow sample I got myself). The bottle is so lovely, and it's so nice to be able to get actual EDPs from an indie house. Overall, so impressed. Highly recommend.

Esther G.
the perfect warm vanilla scent! bought on...

the perfect warm vanilla scent! bought on sale and i know it'll be beautiful in the colder months, but i definitely like it enough to wear year-round 🖤

Sheila R.
I love this vanilla perfume! It has such a...

I love this vanilla perfume! It has such a nice warm vanilla scent. I like the addition of the tonka beans. It's a good perfume for winter, but I like it so much I'll be wearing it year round! Thanks!

Charlene S.
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Heather P.
A gorgeous vanilla that has Fall and Winte...

A gorgeous vanilla that has Fall and Winter all over it. But I find it so lovely I will wear it year round. Cozy and warm with a hint of woods. It is quickly becoming a favorite now that I have the full bottle and can apply as often as I like. There is a hint of smokiness that gives this sensual vanilla depth. It's a antidepressant for me and even a bit sexy. Once again confirms Ashlee makes perfect vanillas!