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Season of Light Collection

December Lights:
Whether by the flicker of candles, the glitter of moonbeams on snow, or the twinkle of decorations, the lights of December fill the longest of nights.
A radiant fragrance that celebrates all the lights of December. Bergamot and orange zest steeped in white tea with a touch of gardenia, white sandalwood, and sugared plums.

In the Glow:
There is just something about light in the winter. Whether it is the low slung sun or the multitudes of glorious tiny strung bulbs, the light has a way of surrounding, wrapping those with open eyes and hearts in it's glow.
Black amber plum, pomegranate, and sheer vanilla musk blend with amber crystals and dried sweet grass.
In the Glow is warm, sweet, inviting and seductive.

One Thousand Lights:
Sheer, glistening, radiant, and positively alight...One Thousand Lights will be your fragrance of the winter season.
A fresh white warm sugar blend that is innocent and inviting, mysterious and unforgettable all at the same time. Sugar musk soaked mandarin, crushed red berries, blue heliotrope, tonka bean, whipped cream, and blonde woods.

Shine Like Sugar:
Nothing shines quite like sugar. Take a stroll down Candy Lane, dance with the Sugar Plum Fairies, or just shine brighter than all the twinkling lights.
Sweet, intriguing, and utterly unforgettable, Shine Like Sugar is a candy fragrance for grownups.
Sparkling sugar crystals, crushed lollipops, a whisper of white peach nectar, crystallized bergamot, violet leaves, and vanilla marshmallow musk.

Snowflakes and Secrets:
Sparkling snowflakes and whispered secrets under the winter moon.
Sweet and warm, playful and inviting.
Sugared vanilla beans and melted marshmallows wrapped in crystallized white amber and sweet white musk.

A Winter Story Collection

This is my story of memories of winters past and wishes of winters come. Inspired by winter seasons at home, where the low foothills of the Appalachian mountains are studded with bustling Christmas tree farms, barren corn fields blanked with shimmering snow, red winter birds flashing through the white and gray woods, and a cozy home and hearth with all the warmth and amazing aromas of the season.

Coming Home:
They say that home is not a place or a building. They say home is where you are….wherever you are.
Where people come together in warmth, with laughter, enjoying sweet things and simmering spices. A small home tucked in the hills surrounded by pines. A fire in the hearth and the love of those gathered around a huge oak table worn by generations of people coming home.
Cinnamon and sugared folded into warm vanilla, aged oak and fresh firewood, mittens drying on the mantle, and golden amber December sun.
A warm gourmand vanilla and spice fragrance with just a touch of warm woods.

Fir and Frost:
Heavy morning frost feathers its way up the window panes, drawing delicate crystal curls on the glass. Outside the fir boughs hang heavy with the deep cold. The rising December sun filters through the pine trees, glittering like diamonds.
Frost kissed fir boughs with a touch of white amber, aged cedarwood, warm tonka beans, snowflakes, and dried vanilla.
Cool and crisp, a fresh unisex fragrance of a pine forest wrapped in pure white December snow.

Sweet spiced treasures strung with ribbons, cloth, and twine. Draped over mantles and doorways, hung on railings and woven through the tree, releasing their sweet fragrance to mingle with the cozy scents of the season.
Farm fresh cream steeped with grated nutmeg, vanilla beans, caramel, and cardamom kissed with a touch of white cedarwood, and birch bark.
A creamy spiced gourmand fragrance.

Gathering Pinecones:
We run through the woods, the chill biting our noses, our feet slipping on the dense blanket of fallen pine needles. Someone leaves a red scarf behind in a tree. We laugh as we see who can gather the most pine cones. With sap sticky fingers, we stuff the pinecones with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit and string them with heavy twine. Now the pinecones will be ready to decorate the sleeping trees and feed the animals when the snow comes and covers their world.
Vetiver, smoked vanilla, bergamot, pine needles, mulling spices, a whisper of apple cider and dried tobacco leaves.
A unisex fragrance of winter woods and cheer.

White Winter Birch:
A morning walk through the white birch tree grove blanketed in snow fallen overnight...white on white. The wood fire smoke lingers so much sweeter on December air and every forest sound is hushed in the dawn stillness. Your breath halos you as you walk, golden and crystalline in the rays of the rising sun. A flash of cardinal red splits the white and somewhere a deer watches with huge soft knowing eyes.
Smoked vanilla, dry sandalwood, fresh snow, forest moss, birch bark, and sweet wood smoke.
A warm, dry unisex wood fragrance.

Jack's Woods Collection

A collection of autumn splendor, dark October secrets, and of something lurking just inside the woods. With notes of harvest spices, dry autumn woods, ripe pumpkins and rich vanilla, golden amber, woodsmoke and brisk October air, Jack's Woods is a celebration of Halloween lore and life in small mountain towns. These fragrances are complex, unexpected, and just a little dark.
Available through November 2020.

Dead Woods Bonfire:
Fire roasted pumpkins dusted with cinnamon and clove, charred oud wood and sandalwood, molten amber, sweet wood ash, and a hint of aged leather.
- A rich and tempting pumpkin spice with a firelit twist.

Gingerbread Cottage:
Warm gingerbread and weathered wood, toasted clove and nutmeg, dried tonka beans and vanilla pods, black peppercorn and corn husks, and a sprinkle of sugar musk.
- A ginger and spice fragrance like no other, dark and mysterious with untold secrets.

Jack's Woods:
- Pumpkin and spice in the shade of the dark woods with a touch of foreboding. Notes of smashed pumpkin, dry autumn grass, charred wood, black peppercorn, grated ginger, smoked nutmeg, allspice berries, ambered musk, dry tobacco leaves, and a hint of woodsmoke in the cool breeze.
- A dark spicy fragrance with notes of woodsmoke and dry woods.
(formerly known as Friend of Jack fragrance)

Mist and Moonlight:
Swirling tendrils of sheer vanilla meet notes of white amber, benzoin, aged cedarwood, roasted tonka beans, pink peppercorn, and moonlit musk.
- A dry vanilla fragrance with notes of white amber and wood.

Stone Circle:
Cold October air on mountain stones. Notes of black amber, aged sandalwood, ozone musk, dried vanilla pods, a touch of moonlight and magic.
- A bracing, unisex fragrance with just a hint of sweet woods.

Solstice Faire Collection

A collection that celebrates the magic of autumn and fall celebrations. The Faire has come to the sleepy little town of Solstice bringing with it artisans who put a little more than love into their wares. Come find some hidden magic where the fragrances of rich spices, harvest fruits, pumpkins fresh from the field, hot teas, caramelized sugars and sweet creams blend with crimson leaves, bonfires, and dry October woods.

Solstice Faire
"On the eve of every autumn equinox, the Faire finds the town of Solstice. Slipping in sometime before the dawn, they say that no one from Solstice has ever actually seen the Faire arrive. It is as if it springs up from the earth in a frenzy of colored tents, banners, bells, bonfires, singing and scents...oh, the scents! Ever playful autumn breezes carry the warm and irresistible fragrances of spiced apples and pumpkins, sweet creams and gingerbreads, copper pot scalded caramels, exotic resins and incense laden smoke straight into Solstice where they intertwine with the scents of the surrounding forest, fallen leaves, and sweet wood bonfires.
They say that it is impossible to resist the fragrances that call from the Faire. They say that everyone finds a little bit of magic there.
They say they will see you soon."
Fragrance Notes:
The sweet calling of the faire in the heart of the warm autumn woods. Ginger infused fruits, apple wood bonfires, golden hay bales, blonde sandalwood, smoked sugars, crimson tipped leaves, and spiced pumpkins.

The Candle Maker
The coziest tent belongs to the Candle Makers. It is radiates warmth and light and the fragrances of spice and melting beewax. Regal ivory tapers, still joined to their twins and hanging from cotton cords fill every empty space of the tent. Amid the racks of curing candle, there is a special one that waits for you. Will you find it? Go ahead, one is calling to you. Let go and trust yourself to find it.
It is said that a candle from the candle maker when burned on a windowsill on New Year's Eve will ensure that your year is filled with warmth and light.
Fragrance Notes:
Warm vanilla, melted amber, carved pumpkins and hay bales, smoldering embers, whole cloves, crush allspice berries, and smoked tonka beans.
Warm and wholesome with a touch of spice.

The Palm Reader
Tucked in a quite corner, away from the bustle of the Faire sits a lone tent, drab in faded canvas. Muted fabric of the outside turns into a riot of color and light inside. Light beams dance from swaying crystals, strewing hundreds of miniature rainbows in all directions, scarves in every jewel tone drape the chairs and tables, a brewing tea simmers, and everywhere sweet scented smoke swirls. She knows your questions even before you do, she sees what you are afraid to ask and when she takes your hand her warmth envelops you. She closes her eyes and says softly, "always start with an open heart".
Fragrance Notes:
The scent of black tea, dried bergamot, white sandalwood, incense smoke, autumn spice, caramelized sugar, dried September apples
A sweet spiced smoke and tea fragrance.

The Sugar Witch
In a tent of pure white works a woman who's clad also in all white from the buttons at her neck down to the rivets in her boots. Her hair is wispy and prematurely white and piled on top of her head like an cloud tied earthbound with a pink satin ribbon. She has the palest blush to her cheeks and a sparkle in her eyes that speaks of nothing but childish wonder. Moving like a dancer she spins, she pulls, she melts her crystals of sugar into tiny works of art is shades of white and whispers of pastel to the faint sounds of music boxes that never seem to need winding.
It is said that just one melting taste of her crystalline creations on your tongue evokes the purest feeling of bliss, like a radiant sun, the laughter of childhood, and the most perfect summer day. Even the sweet air around her tent coaxes laughter and smiles from the tetchiest passerby. They say that no one is able to resist one of her sweet dusted confections and sure enough, everyone you pass will be carrying a box of pure white wrapped in a pale pink ribbon, a smile, and the reflections of childish joy in their eyes.
If you ask her if shes a witch she laughs a airy trilling laugh and says the only thing she charms is a sweet tooth.
Fragrance Notes:
The scents of warm marshmallow, fresh farm cream sweetened with vanilla and muscovado sugar, crushed tonka bean, caramelized maple, and a shot of bourbon to warm your nose.
Deep, rich warm autumn cream with a whisper of spiced maple and autumn leaves.

The Tea Blender
The smallest tent of the fair is adorned with the most flags. Large and small, frayed and new, flags of the people of the world, and of past nations, and lands yet to be known. They billow in the wind on posts and strings and sewn into the very tent itself and whisper, "come weary traveler, I have just the thing for your thirst".
Inside are jars of many sizes, slender and squat bottles, ornate boxes and plain tins all stacked impossibly high and each holding dried treasures of majestic tea leaves from every reach of the world, rare spices still singing of caravan travels, sweet dried fruits from secret gardens, and seeds delivered by the wings of songbirds.
Whisper your fondest memory to the Tea Blend and with deft hands she picks and pulls from the crooked stacks of jars and trinket boxes. For a coin you are presented with a small cloth pouch. They say if you brew the contents of the pouch just as the sun is slipping into the horizon and drink it before the moon is at full shine that you will visit that chosen memory in the most perfect dream.
Fragrance Notes:
Tea leaves of black, green, and red, dried apples and pears, raw sugar, fresh amber resin, vanilla beans, a whisper of spice and blonde wood.

The Wood Carver
Follow the trail of wood shavings to the wood carvers tent. With strong, sure hands, the carver adorns the boxes with tiny delicately carved flowers and trailing ivies, perfect mandalas, intricate weaving knots, and animals so lifelike it is as if they slumber in the wood itself. Small square boxes of of the deepest ebony to round boxes of pale blonde ash and everything in between.
It is said that if you place a written name inside the box then that person will know you are thinking of them, no matter how many days, oceans or mountains separate you.
Fragrance Notes:
Cedar and oud wood spiked with clove, peppercorn, and smoked vetiver with a finish of amber resin, aged bourbon and vanilla and a touch of sweet wood smoke.
Sweet dry wood and cream with just a hint of spice.

Harvest Collection

Annona, the Roman Goddess of harvest and crops. This is the celebration of summer's bounty...sweet, slow simmered apples, mulled berries, cardamom and cinnamon, oak and peppercorn, golden wheat fields and fresh cream, caramelized raw sugar and a hint of creamy pumpkin.

Briar + Vanilla
As reckless summer days start their slide into golden autumn celebration, time slows. The earth, she pauses, holding her breath and waiting for that one last burst of color, light, and magic before the winter blankets her and kisses her goodnight. Hush, if you are still you can feel it. The grass stands unmoving, the brush and bramble are dried and still, the flowers cling to their last tired petals, and everywhere there is the scent of the late summer sweetness on the air...of the promise of autumn.

Raw vanilla, charred amber, dried brambles warmed in the sun, white cedarwood bows, dried oakmoss dusted with crushed tonka beans, a touch of woodsmoke on frost nipped air mingled with a soft sugar musk

Caramel Darling
A two sided fragrance that is sweet and rich with a touch of the exotic in the undercurrent. Gooey sweet cream caramel and African vanilla beans poured over honeyed amber resin, dried tobacco leaves, and a hint of spice. Notes of: Madagascar vanilla beans, sea salted caramel, black peppercorn, crystallized amber, tobacco leaves, and a pinch of clove bud.

Beach Babe Collection

Amber + Coconut
A warm and sultry coconut blend for balmy beach days and steamy summer nights.
Golden amber sunset over fresh shaved coconut with a touch of tonka bean, golden amber resin, sweet vanilla pods, ad dried palm leaves.

Creamy Coconut

A tropical coconut scent that will make you think of sun, sand, and lush green palm trees. Embrace summer and dive head first into creamy and sweet coconut love!
Simple coconut goodness.
Notes of fresh shredded coconut, coconut cream, a whisper of tropical fruit and fresh vanilla.

Surf Girl

A burst of tropical fruits and shimmering citrus. A bright and carefree fragrance for those who dream of endless summer days.

Notes of pink grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, lychee, and cantaloupe with a touch of jungle greens and white tea leaves all on a bed of vanilla infused coconut milk and dusted  with a light sugar musk.


Twilight Paradise

Paradise in blue tinged twilight. Cool, fresh, with a touch of mystique and a sweet whisper of summer.
Fresh cracked coconut, crisp bergamot leaves, blue heliotrope, vanilla orchids soaked in coconut milk, night blooming jasmine petals, pink citron dust, and fresh cut sugar cane with a hint of sweet musk.

Wylde Summer

Suntan lotion on summer glowing skin, salty ocean air clinging to your hair, the sound of the waves carried on the warm breeze...this is summer
Notes of suntan lotion, fresh coconut, dried sea salt, lime peel, dewy jasmine, delicate musk, and sun bleached woods

The Seas Collection

(unisex fragrances)

Black Sea Salt
Sea mist blowing over black sand shores, the mystery of the sea and the secrets held in its fathoms.  Fresh salt soaked cypress, dried oud wood, marine minerals, sea salt, and ocean air.


Wave. Rock. Mist. Wind.

Mist soaked and sun scorched basalt, bergamot, dried black tea leaves, and white sandalwood

Sun bleached and salt brined driftwood, crystallized amber, dried dune grasses, smoked tonka beans.



Lir is an Irish Diety of the sea and Guardian of the Afterlife
The crush of a storm surge, saltwater, cypress, sandstone, charred cedarwood, and black pepper.

North Sea

A cool, upscale ozone fragrance with a touch of ocean mist and crushed sea salt.
Notes of frozen ozone, black sea salt, wild cypress, sea moss, and white amber

Sugared Flowers Collection

Candied Orchid
Sweet candied lemon peels nestled around sugared dipped vanilla orchids in a wash of fresh coconut milk and whipped vanilla cream topped with a kiss of spun sugar musk.

Frosted Lavender

Heavy cream infused with fresh lavender, whipped, and sweetened with lavender sugar for a double shot of sugared flowers

Pink Petal Sugarcube
Perfectly pink petals dipped in a sweet berry glaze and dusted with sugar.  This fragrance is as fresh and airy as it comes with just enough sweetness to be flirty and just enough floral to be chic. Notes of fresh cut peonies and tulips, wild honeysuckle branches, candied tangerine, glistening sugar cubes, raspberry syrup, and whipped vanilla,


Sugar Rose (2020 Update)

Inspired by a recipe for rose sugar cookies, Sugar Rose is delicate rosewater, moist raw sugar cane, and whipped vanilla with just a touch of wildflower honey and tropical fruit nectar. Reformulated for 2020, the new Sugar Rose is still the same gorgeous sugared rosewater fragrance, but more refined.


Violets and Creme

Simple, beautiful, elegant and oh so delicious; candied violets and rich mounds of homemade marshmallow fluff and fresh sweet cream. ***Formally named Violet Fluff.  All the same sweet divine marshmallow violet goodness with a new name and label art!***

Boho Dreams Collection

"Barefoot in the Garden"
A clean and gentle white wood fragrance sweetened slightly with a whisper of floral and the fresh nip of citrus. Notes of sun warmed blonde woods, lilac nectar, jasmine petals, bergamot, and lily of the valley.

"Chasing Dreams"
Sweet, warm, and innocently alluring. Notes of white freesia, faded cotton, pure white vanilla, southern magnolia, wild violets, blackberry brambles, and dainty sugar cubes.

"Green Lady"

A modern, fresh dewy blend of lush green plants and sweet nectar.
Notes of: fresh cut aloe, sweet prickly pear, cucumber tonic, wild violets, agave nectar, willow, and water lotus

"Jade Blue"

A fresh, modern floral with a sheer tropical twist. Bergamot, pink orange, Tahitian Tiare flowers, delicate tuberose, dewy jasmine, spring greens, blonde woods, fresh coconut milk, on a bed of sheer blue musk.

"Rain + Fern"

Sweet nuances of delicate unfurled fern fronds, the cool essence of the deep forest, dewy oakmoss, sweet heliotrope, white oak, crushed bergamot, and a sweet whisper of lemon leaf.


Celestial Collection

And she looked into a face that was hers, into eyes that reflected her own....her own questions and disbelief radiating back at her. She always knew there was something more, some part of her that moved along unseen but pulled by the same gravity. She stepped closer and the mirage did the same. Was this real? She began to feel lighter, her hair seemed to lift and tug gently at the roots. The clouds followed her as they followed her twin. The waning moon slipped along in her in her wake as did a second identical crescent after her sister. Their toes lost their hold on the earth as they lifted, hands hesitantly reaching out for the other. Their fingers touched and there was an explosion of light, a crashing of moons, and in that instant, everything changed.

Alula, named after Alula Borealis, a double star that orbits each other and makes up the right hind foot of Ursa Major, the Great Bear. Formulated in honor of my own twin daughters who are identical and who I hope are always moved by the same gravity in life. A blending of notes, favorites from each of my twin stars.

Bright notes of bergamot and pink grapefruit rotate around demure violet, jasmine, white tea leaves and honey with a whisper of glistening stardust and white musk.

"Northern Cross"
She had the heart of a way finder and explorer. She knew she wouldn't stop until she saw the world and every wonder her eyes could take in. She never took her eyes off the path in front of her except at night. At night, she looked to the sky. If she could find the Northern Cross, she could find home and one day when her eyes were finally full, she'd follow the it home.

The Northern Cross is an asterism (grouping of stars that do not make up an official constellation) that is actually part of the large constellation Cygnus, or the swan, and consist of the brightest stars in that constellation. High overhead in the summer months in the northern latitudes, the Northern Cross also forms the backbone of the Milky Way. The center of the Milky Way runs straight through the Northern Cross.

The fragrance of deep blue waters and night skies.
Fresh, full of sweet ozone, night blooming flowers, white patchouli, and sheer musk.

"Moonstone & Opal"

The table before her was strew with star charts and tarot cards, crystal points and gemstone spheres nestled on intricately carved wooden nests. The air was warm, sweetened by the perfumed smoke and drying flowers and tea leaves and suddenly she felt weary. An opalescence flashed in kohl rimmed eyes of the veiled woman at the opposite side of the table and abruptly she said, "My dear, I do not do anything without first looking to the stars!"

Deep and seductive as the endless pooling blue of moonstone, yet luminous and vivid as color splashed opal. Rich black woods and resins lightened by dewy orange blossoms, green bamboo, pink amber, and Japanese pear.

"Rare Moon"
She waits silently. The forest around her seems to hold its breath. Moonlight pools into the clearing and she imagines it flowering like a silent stream past her where it disappears, swallowed by the night. She reaches out her fingers and lets them dance in the light. She closes her eyes and imagines the light is tangible and she feels it weave a soft warmth, engulfing her fingers and grasping her wrist. She opens her eyes and it is his hand in hers. His black eyes pour into her and his breath weaves a sheer curtain that dances around them. "Tonight is a rare moon." he says as a smile flits over the corners of his mouth.

A fragrance that is delicately sweet but deep and passionate.

Notes of: Delicate vanilla essence, sugared amber musk, dark vetiver, juiced plums, and wild orchid.

"We Are Stars"

She threw her head back and turned her face to the stare strewn sky and whispered quietly, "They pull me, you know. Everyday I have to try harder and harder to keep my feet on the ground. That is why I carry so many thoughts with me. They weight me down, they keep me here. Someday, I will no longer wish to hold onto all of those thoughts and I will just float away and then I will finally be a star again.

An explosion of bright fruit notes of fresh orange, ripe mango, and southern peaches, all pulled back together again by the delicate sweetness of white gardenia, muguet, night blooming jasmine, blonde sandalwood, and sweet vanilla musk.

Wylde Ivy Scents

"Black Cat No. 13"
Dark and secretive, seductive and elusive, the Black Cat mesmerizes all in it's path. A rich, fall inspired fragrance of black vanilla, exotic spices, white patchouli, and musk topped off with a hint of sugar dust and jasmine petals.

"He Loves Me Not"
Beautiful, haunting, sweet, and just a little dark. The hazy summer day turns dark, clouds fill the once bright sky.  She takes shelter in the dark hollow beneath the old cluster of trees. She loosens the grip on the flower in her hand as the last petal falls to the mossy forest floor...He Loves Me Not. Notes of: Vanilla, Jasmine, Orchid, Dry Wood, and Black Musk.


"It's My Party, Bad Girl Edition"
The Bad Birthday Girl isn't above an occasional tantrum and pout. She loathes her birthday and the attention it brings. No cards or flowers and please, please, no surprises. Do not even think about picking up a camera. She'd much rather forget her birthday all together...however, strangely enough, she will not refuse the larger then life gourmet cupcake you have offered her. Just don't expect her to share.
Notes of: Rich vanilla cake smothered in light white icing, aged amber tinged with a touch of wood smoke , freshly stripped Madagascar vanilla beans, dewy orchids, crushed pomegranate seeds, and a hint of pink pepper

"It's My Party, Good Girl Edition"
An all new blend for a fragrance I created years ago. The sugary sweet side of It's My Party Bad Girl Edition. The good birthday girl is all sweet and charming. She glistens and sparkles and radiates pure joy. She's the embodiment of picture perfect in every picture ever taken of her, her smile practically glistens. Expect her to throw her own huge parties with people traveling from four states away to share her day. She loves the attention, she adores the primping, and she lives for this once a year day of her own.

Notes of: Pure white vanilla frosting, some cotton candy fluff, rainbow colored sugar crystals, a dash of citrus and sticky candy, with a base of sugar musk.


So dark and mysterious, this scent has a base of sandalwood, oak, patchouli, and vanilla, with hints of vetiver, lemon, black pepper and jasmine. Raven is perfect for deep, dramatic women and it even makes an alluring and unique fragrance for a man.

"Wylde Summer"
Suntan lotion on summer glowing skin, salty ocean air clinging to your hair, the sound of the waves carried on the warm breeze...this is summer
Notes of Suntan Lotion, Coconut, Sea Salt, Lime Peel, Jasmine, Musk, and Sun Bleached Wood

 Want to browse Wylde Ivy's library of past fragrances? Watch for your favorites to return as special Scents of the Month or for seasonal release!

Wylde Ivy's Retired Scent Library

Wylde Ivy Men's Shop Scents 

A masculine and modern fresh water inspired fragrance with sweet enticing undercurrents.

Fresh, crisp, strong and demanding; like the roaring flow of water escaping the mountain. Citrus and green tea top notes cascade into rich juniper and clary sage, ending in the warmth of amber and tonka bean.

-----Into the Wild-----
It calls to the strong and beckons to the adventurous....follow the temptation...into the wild. Fresh and enticing, a rugged but modern mix of sweet oakmoss, clean bergamot, tall timber, and spiced spiked amber

-----Issue 47-----
Mysteriously enticing, rugged, and warm. A perfect blending of spices, rare woods, and smooth sweet myrrh. Rich and unique.
Notes of aged woods, cardamom, clove, sweet mandarin, smooth frankincense, ancient amber, and rich myrrh resin.

-----Northern Cross-----
The fragrance of deep blue waters and night skies.
Fresh night ozone, crusted bergamot, white patchouli, and sheer musk.

So dark and mysterious, this scent has a base of sandalwood, oak, patchouli, and vanilla, with hints of vetiver, lemon, black pepper and jasmine. Raven is perfect for deep, dramatic women and it even makes an alluring and unique fragrance for a man.

The warm fragrance of sun scorched stone, driftwood, amber, and sea salt on the wind.

-----Sixty One-----
A rough wood based fragrance to warm up even the coldest nights. Sixty One is understated and confident.
A tempting blend of dark mahogany, fresh lemongrass, dried moss, amber resin, black musk, and rare sandalwood.


Refined, confident, and alluring, Steele is a captivating scent for men with notes of fresh ozone, cypress, citrus zest, amber, and sandalwood musk. Smooth as steel, this scent is both invigorating and eclectic.