Celestial Collection

And she looked into a face that was hers, into eyes that reflected her own....her own questions and disbelief radiating back at her. She always knew there was something more, some part of her that moved along unseen but pulled by the same gravity. She stepped closer and the mirage did the same. Was this real? She began to feel lighter, her hair seemed to lift and tug gently at the roots. The clouds followed her as they followed her twin. The waning moon slipped along in her in her wake as did a second identical crescent after her sister. Their toes lost their hold on the earth as they lifted, hands hesitantly reaching out for the other. Their fingers touched and there was an explosion of light, a crashing of moons, and in that instant, everything changed.

Alula, named after Alula Borealis, a double star that orbits each other and makes up the right hind foot of Ursa Major, the Great Bear. Formulated in honor of my own twin daughters who are identical and who I hope are always moved by the same gravity in life. A blending of notes, favorites from each of my twin stars.

Bright notes of bergamot and pink grapefruit rotate around demure violet, jasmine, white tea leaves and honey with a whisper of glistening stardust and white musk.

   "Northern Cross"
She had the heart of a way finder and explorer. She knew she wouldn't stop until she saw the world and every wonder her eyes could take in. She never took her eyes off the path in front of her except at night. At night, she looked to the sky. If she could find the Northern Cross, she could find home and one day when her eyes were finally full, she'd follow the it home.

The Northern Cross is an asterism (grouping of stars that do not make up an official constellation) that is actually part of the large constellation Cygnus, or the swan, and consist of the brightest stars in that constellation. High overhead in the summer months in the northern latitudes, the Northern Cross also forms the backbone of the Milky Way. The center of the Milky Way runs straight through the Northern Cross.

The fragrance of deep blue waters and night skies.
Fresh, full of sweet ozone, night blooming flowers, white patchouli, and sheer musk.


"Moonstone & Opal"

The table before her was strew with star charts and tarot cards, crystal points and gemstone spheres nestled on intricately carved wooden nests. The air was warm, sweetened by the perfumed smoke and drying flowers and tea leaves and suddenly she felt weary. An opalescence flashed in kohl rimmed eyes of the veiled woman at the opposite side of the table and abruptly she said, "My dear, I do not do anything without first looking to the stars!"

Deep and seductive as the endless pooling blue of moonstone, yet luminous and vivid as color splashed opal. Rich black woods and resins lightened by dewy orange blossoms, green bamboo, pink amber, and Japanese pear.

   "Rare Moon"
She waits silently. The forest around her seems to hold its breath. Moonlight pools into the clearing and she imagines it flowering like a silent stream past her where it disappears, swallowed by the night. She reaches out her fingers and lets them dance in the light. She closes her eyes and imagines the light is tangible and she feels it weave a soft warmth, engulfing her fingers and grasping her wrist. She opens her eyes and it is his hand in hers. His black eyes pour into her and his breath weaves a sheer curtain that dances around them. "Tonight is a rare moon." he says as a smile flits over the corners of his mouth.

A fragrance that is delicately sweet but deep and passionate.

Notes of: Delicate vanilla essence, sugared amber musk, dark vetiver, juiced plums, and wild orchid.


"We Are Stars"

She threw her head back and turned her face to the stare strewn sky and whispered quietly, "They pull me, you know. Everyday I have to try harder and harder to keep my feet on the ground. That is why I carry so many thoughts with me. They weight me down, they keep me here. Someday, I will no longer wish to hold onto all of those thoughts and I will just float away and then I will finally be a star again.

An explosion of bright fruit notes of fresh orange, ripe mango, and southern peaches, all pulled back together again by the delicate sweetness of white gardenia, muguet, night blooming jasmine, blonde sandalwood, and sweet vanilla musk.

Harvest Collection

Annona, the Roman Goddess of harvest and crops. This is the celebration of summer's bounty...sweet, slow simmered apples, mulled berries, cardamom and cinnamon, oak and peppercorn, golden wheat fields and fresh cream, caramelized raw sugar and a hint of creamy pumpkin.
  "Amber + Arrow"
Amber, wood, and a kiss of spice. Fine Baltic amber, blonde sandalwood, a hint of incense smoke, tonka, and crystalized resin.


"Black Lace Tea"

Though she tried to hide it, the girl's hands trembled slightly as she took the coins from her pouch and laid them on the lace lined table. The old woman placed a cup before her and motioned for her to pour the hot water then hobbled away. Hot water engulfed the tea leaves and they swirled round the cup. The old woman gingerly lowered herself to a chair and motioned again for the girl to hold the now steaming cup in her hands. The old lady sat in silence across from the girl, watching. The girl, unsure of what to do lowered her eyes to the cup and the steeping tea leaves, now turning the water a rich amber brown. Her heart pounding in her throat, her muscles tiring trying to hold her hands still, she finally found the courage to speak. Her tiny voice cracked as the words rushed from her lips. "I have a question about love." The old woman spoke now for the first time, her eyes warmed with small smile that slid over her face. "My dear, there are no other questions worth asking in this life".

Sweet and sultry, with a bit of intrigue and innocence.
Black tea leaves on the bottom of a porcelain cup, fresh black lace sambucus, amberwood, oaken vanilla, white cedar, and a hint of elderberry wine

"Black Moon Bonfire"
The fire billowed great clouds of sweet smoke into the air. She was silhouetted against the glow, as she stood gazing into the burn. Her hair, wind tossed and wild, held captive bits of fallen leaves and twigs and her eyes burned with their own green fire. She threw her face skyward, her gaze following the embers as they danced their way to the stars.

Sugar and flame, sweet and burning. Smoked vanilla beans, precious amber resin, charred nutmeg, caramelized brown sugar, woodsmoke and autumn leaves, myrrh, vetiver, and a hint of sweet wood ash musk.

"Briar + Vanilla"

As reckless summer days start their slide into golden autumn celebration, time slows. The earth, she pauses, holding her breath and waiting for that one last burst of color, light, and magic before the winter blankets her and kisses her goodnight. Hush, if you are still you can feel it. The grass stands unmoving, the brush and bramble are dried and still, the flowers cling to their last tired petals, and everywhere there is the scent of the late summer sweetness on the air...of the promise of autumn.

Raw vanilla, charred amber, dried brambles warmed in the sun, white cedarwood bows, dried oakmoss dusted with crushed tonka beans, a touch of woodsmoke on frost nipped air mingled with a soft sugar musk

"Caramel Darling"

A two sided fragrance that is sweet and rich with a touch of the exotic in the undercurrent. Gooey sweet cream caramel and African vanilla beans poured over honeyed amber resin, dried tobacco leaves, and a hint of spice.

Madagascar vanilla beans, sea salted caramel, black peppercorn, crystallized amber, tobacco leaves, and a pinch of clove bud.


"Dark November"
A deep, exotic, and sultry rendition of an autumn scent. It is rich, dry, and spicy with a touch of sweet and completely unique. Thick grey cloud covered November skies, dried fields bare from the harvest, apple trees heavy with ripe fruit, the warmth of kitchen sugars and spices as gingerbread cools all the table. If you are a fan of It’s My Party Bad Girl Edition, don’t hesitate to give Dark November a try! It shares some of the same notes and while note as sweet as Bad Girl, it is ever bit as sexy.

Notes of smoked vanilla pods, dried tobacco leaves, apple peels, pink peppercorns, dry grass, black currents, spiced woods, baked ginger, caramelized sugar, and clove


Lavishly rich, Fireborn is sweet and deep...a dark fragrance with layers of black cocoa powder, crushed tonka beans, ambrette seeds,  roasted coffee, dewy vanilla beans, crystallized amber, dried orange peel, with a hint of woodsmoke.
"Roan Apple"
The golden kiss of autumn on late summer apples. Sweet cored apples, a hint of fresh pumpkin, caramelized sugar cane, and honeyed white oak. This fragrance is sweet, fresh, and everything autumn.


"Solstice Road"
Smooth and warm, Solstice Road begins with rich notes of ancient amber and woody vanilla. It is sweeten with a touch of black molasses, myrrh, and just a hint of dried pumpkin infused with cardamom and clove.

Notes of: amber, patchouli, sandalwood, dry woods, orchid, myrrh, sweet cream, molasses, pumpkin, cardamom, cinnamon, and clove.

An old soul and a young heart, familiar yet distant. She keeps the sun at her back, always moving. Keep your feet light and your heart open, they once told her. It has taken her all these years to know what they meant.
Airy top notes of fresh bergamot and orchids, a warm base of dusty amber, cedar wood, smoked vanilla pods, and aged musk.
Wanderer goes on as aged amber vanilla and and it mingles on the skin, more of the top notes of bergamot and orchid peek out. Wanderer is a mellow, warm sweet musk.


"White Pumpkin Honey"
A farmhouse kitchen alive with fire, spice, and laughter. Deft hands work their magic as flour dances in the air, lit buy the low golden rays of the autumn sun.

Not your average pumpkin spice. Fresh, modern, and upscale, this is the unique fall pumpkin fragrance will be your new favorite. Sweet, white Lumina pumpkins roasted with cider spices and puréed with whipped honey and vanilla custard all plated on a bed of fresh chamomile, calendula, and fall leaves.


Seaside Collection

"Calypso Cove"
Crystal sunshine flows from her hair and pools in her wake like a veil. She wears a simple dress of the sheerest blue, that some people swear is nothing more than the sea itself.
When she sings, pure white flowers spill from her hands.
She weeps at the beauty of the world everyday and those tears, they turn to pearls.
When she dreams, the air around her smells like peaches and coconut.
If you believe the stories of Calypso Cove, those who carry sunshine in their hearts can follow the sea to find the nymph who crafts flowers and pearls, who wears the sea and sun, and who will see you for all the simple beauty that you are.
Notes of sweet bergamot, sugar dipped gardenias, glistening peach nectar, white sandalwood, raw vanilla beans, and fresh cracked coconut
    "Driftwood & Coconut"
Heavenly fresh cracked coconuts blended with a touch of dried beach woods. A coconut scent that is rich, but light on the sweet. Driftwood and Coconut is a modern take on the classic tropical coconut scent.
Notes of coconut milk, moist coconut chunks, tonka bean, dried vanilla, and a hint of blonde sandalwood


"Pearl Dust"
Pearl Dust is sweet, summery, and shimmering. A tropical scent like no other, island fruits mingle with cocoa butter and a cool wash of heliotrope and light musk.
Notes of guava, island fig, cocoa butter, custard apple, acai, tonka bean, heliotrope, mandarin peel, and white musk.

You could find her high on the seawall where the morning sun warms the rocks with its low, gentle kisses. The sea birds, ever laughing, beckon her to the wind and wilds. Today, she stays earthbound where the dry dune grass shifts nervously, drawing lines on the mist hardened sand and tiny grains of sand, wind driven, skitter and crash along the smooth stones of the wall. The sun rises and she absorbs it's warmth, letting it seep down into the deep hidden parts of her heart so she can carry it with her.
The warm fragrance of sun scorched stone, driftwood, amber, and sea salt on the wind. (Also available in men's cologne).

"She Sells Sea Shells"
Reminiscent of Wylde Summer, another “summer in a bottle” scent. The smell of beach towels dried in the salty ocean air, six layers of suntan lotion on your skin, coconut scented after sun lotion, and the way all the scents linger so closely to your skin in the heavy humid summer air.
Notes of: coconut, crushed vanilla beans, coconut milk, orange blossom, tuberose, aloe vera, and white musk.


Wylde Ivy S