A Little Bit of Autumn Sampler


Get a little peek at the upcoming fall collection with this sampler of six returning bestsellers.

Amber & Spice: Deep, heavy amber mingles with smoked vanilla and sandalwood.  With a dash of clove, cinnamon, and caraway and a touch of honeycomb this scent has an intriguing undertone.

Apple Kiss Kiss: A sugary rush of crisp apple slices, melted marshmallow, and crushed vanilla beans. With just the barest whisper of cardamom and musk for depth, Apple Kiss Kiss melds into a unique and captivating scent.

Autumn's Twilight: Spice, cinders, and ceremony, Autumn's Twilight is a union of dried tobacco leaves, white amber, fresh clove, cinnamon sticks, with a touch of pomegranate seeds and mulled wine. This fragrance is a warm sweet and spice with just a touch of an earthy edge to make it sophisticated and mysterious.

Dark November: A deep, exotic, and sultry rendition of an autumn scent. It is rich, dry, and spicy with a touch of sweet and completely unique. Thick grey cloud covered November skies, dried fields bare from the harvest, apple trees heavy with ripe fruit, the warmth of kitchen sugars and spices as gingerbread cools all the table.  Notes of smoked vanilla pods, dried tobacco leaves, apple peels, pink peppercorns, dry grass, black currents, spiced woods, baked ginger, caramelized sugar, and clove.

Rare Moon: A fragrance that is delicately sweet but deep and passionate.  Delicate vanilla essence, sugared amber musk, dark vetiver, juiced plums, and white orchid.

Vanilla Snowfall: Pure and utter indulgence, Vanilla Snowfall is a drift of all things white and sweet. French vanilla sprinkled with caramelized sugar on a buttery base of sugared amber and cedarwood with just a kiss of light musk. The delicate notes in this scent bloom with wear for a sophisticated and comforting sweet tempting scent.

The Product:
6 chic little "Mini Mister" bottle filled with 2.5 ml of Wylde Ivy perfumes. At only two and a half inches tall and a half inch in diameter, these little bottles can go anywhere with you! These adorable little bottles are also refillable, so you can always have a small bottle of your favorite Wylde Ivy Perfume with you! Just like our full sized perfumes, these Mini Misters feature gorgeous full color labels, each unique to the scent! Each Mini Mister holds enough product for approximately twenty sprays.

Wylde Ivy perfumes are super concentrated perfume oils dispersed in professional perfumer’s alcohol. These alcohol-based sprays are super concentrated and very long lasting.

Contains: SD40B Alcohol, Fragrance, & PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether

**This sampler ships via first class mail in a padded envelope**

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