Black Lace Tea Perfume

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The Scent

Though she tried to hide it, the girl's hands trembled slightly as she took the coins from her pouch and laid them on the lace lined table. The old woman placed a cup before her and motioned for her to pour the hot water then hobbled away. Hot water engulfed the tea leaves and they swirled round the cup. The old woman gingerly lowered herself to a chair and motioned again for the girl to hold the now steaming cup in her hands. The old lady sat in silence across from the girl, watching. The girl, unsure of what to do lowered her eyes to the cup and the steeping tea leaves, now turning the water a rich amber brown. Her heart pounding in her throat, her muscles tiring trying to hold her hands still, she finally found the courage to speak. Her tiny voice cracked as the words rushed from her lips. "I have a question about love." The old woman spoke now for the first time, her eyes warmed with small smile that slid over her face. "My dear, there are no other questions worth asking in this life".

Sweet and sultry, with a bit of intrigue and innocence.
Black tea leaves on the bottom of a porcelain cup, fresh black lace sambucus, amberwood, oaken vanilla, white cedar, and a hint of elderberry wine.

The Product
Wylde Ivy perfumes are concentrated perfume oils dispersed in professional perfumer’s alcohol. Crafted in small artisan batches, Wylde Ivy fragrances are paraban, phthalate and cruelty free. 

This fragrance is also available in a wide assortment of bath and body products!

Size and Packaging
Wylde Ivy Perfumes come in one ounce rectangular heavy glass bottles topped off with a modern brushed metal mister top. They feature beautiful full color labels that are unique to each scent. Enclosed in every bottle are genuine Swarovski crystals!

Contains: SD40B Alcohol, Fragrance, &  Methyl Glucose Ether

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