Season of Light Collection Perfume Oils

Season of Light Collection Perfume Oils
Season of Light is a collection of radiant fragrances inspired by and celebrating the magic of winter lights.

December Lights:
Whether by the flicker of candles, the glitter of moonbeams on snow, or the twinkle of decorations, the lights of December fill the longest of nights.
A radiant fragrance that celebrates all the lights of December. Bergamot and orange zest steeped in white tea with a touch of gardenia, white sandalwood, and sugared plums.

In the Glow:
There is just something about light in the winter. Whether it is the low slung sun or the multitudes of glorious tiny strung bulbs, the light has a way of surrounding, wrapping those with open eyes and hearts in it's glow.
Black amber plum, pomegranate, and sheer vanilla musk blend with amber crystals and dried sweet grass.
In the Glow is warm, sweet, inviting and seductive.

One Thousand Lights:
Sheer, glistening, radiant, and positively alight...One Thousand Lights will be your fragrance of the winter season.
A fresh white warm sugar blend that is innocent and inviting, mysterious and unforgettable all at the same time. Sugar musk soaked mandarin, crushed red berries, blue heliotrope, tonka bean, whipped cream, and blonde woods.

Shine Like Sugar:
Nothing shines quite like sugar. Take a stroll down Candy Lane, dance with the Sugar Plum Fairies, or just shine brighter than all the twinkling lights.
Sweet, intriguing, and utterly unforgettable, Shine Like Sugar is a candy fragrance for grownups.
Sparkling sugar crystals, crushed lollipops, a whisper of white peach nectar, crystallized bergamot, violet leaves, and vanilla marshmallow musk.

Snowflakes and Secrets:
Sparkling snowflakes and whispered secrets under the winter moon.
Sweet and warm, playful and inviting.
Sugared vanilla beans and melted marshmallows wrapped in crystallized white amber and sweet white musk.

This perfume is part of the Season of Light Collection.  A collection full of radiant fragrances inspired by and celebrating the magic of winter lights.

The Product:
Wylde Ivy scents mixed with a Jojoba and Coconut Oil base. Perfume Oils are packaged in 1/4 ounce glass bottles featuring gorgeous labels and genuine Swarovski crystals. Never worry about spills with these chic little perfume bottles that feature a smooth stainless steel roller ball applicator top.

Perfume Oils do not “lift” from the skin as aggressively as alcohol based perfumes, which makes them perfect subdued personal fragrances. There are no silicones in Wylde Ivy Perfume Oils. Because of this, the carrier oils will eventually be absorbed into skin which may make repeat applications necessary on some skin types. Perfume Oils are the perfect choice if you prefer to wrap yourself in more personal scents or are sensitive to alcohol. Oil based perfume formulas allow for the fragrance to mingle with your skin chemistry more readily, creating a unique and personal fragrance experience.

Size and Packaging:
Wylde Ivy Oil Perfumes come in 1/4 ounce cylindrical glass bottles topped off with a silky smooth stainless steel roller ball applicator. They feature beautiful full color labels that are unique to each scent. Enclosed in every bottle are genuine Swarovski crystals!

Contains: Jojoba Oil, Fragrance & Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, & PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether (sugar derived fragrance anchor)

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