Solstice Faire Palm Wax Aroma Melts


The Solstice Faire Collection
A collection that celebrates the magic of autumn and fall celebrations. The Faire has come to the sleepy little town of Solstice bringing with it artisans who put a little more than love into their wares. Come find some hidden magic where the fragrances of rich spices, harvest fruits, pumpkins fresh from the field, hot teas, caramelized sugars and sweet creams blend with crimson leaves, bonfires, and dry October woods.

Solstice Faire - The sweet calling of the faire in the heart of the warm autumn woods. Ginger infused fruits, apple wood bonfires, golden hay bales, blonde sandalwood, smoked sugars, crimson tipped leaves, and spiced pumpkins.

The Candle Maker - Warm vanilla, melted amber, carved pumpkins and hay bales, smoldering embers, whole cloves, crush allspice berries, and smoked tonka beans.

The Palm Reader - The scent of black tea, dried bergamot, white sandalwood, incense smoke, autumn spice, caramelized sugar, dried September apples. A sweet spiced smoke and tea fragrance.

The Sugar Witch - The scents of warm marshmallow, fresh farm cream sweetened with vanilla and muscovado sugar, crushed tonka bean, caramelized maple, and a shot of bourbon to warm your nose. Deep, rich warm autumn cream with a whisper of spiced maple and autumn leaves.

The Tea Blender - Tea leaves of black, green, and red, dried apples and pears, raw sugar, fresh amber resin, vanilla beans, a whisper of spice and blonde wood.

The Wood Carver - Cedar and oud wood spiked with clove, peppercorn, and smoked vetiver with a finish of amber resin, aged bourbon and vanilla and a touch of sweet wood smoke. Sweet dry wood and cream with just a hint of spice

The Solstice Faire Collection

Why Palm Wax?
Palm Wax, like Soy Wax, is an all natural, plant derived wax. I source Palm Wax from private sustainable plantations. Because soy allergies are on the rise and because I myself was diagnosed with an allergy to soy, I have removed all traces of soy from my home. While seeking an alternative to my beloved soy wax melts, I found a new love. I have found with my line of fragrances, palm wax releases a truer scent throw. Palm wax melts are harder which means changing scents in the tart burners is easier, often allowing you to simply slide the cold hardened wax out of your melt pot and save for a later melting. Palm wax, in its hardened solid state, produces beautiful shimmering crystalline patterns.

Size and Packaging
Aroma Melts are packaged in a wax paper bag. Each pack contains four melts and together weight at least 3.5 ounces of wax. 

Usage Recommendations
You can customize your scent intensity by adding more or less ghouls to your melter. I would suggest starting out with just one melt. Once it is fully melted, you can add another if you desire a stronger fragrance. I find that because most of my fragrances tend to be quite complex, using slightly less wax that usual will help you to experience all the the notes of the fragrance.
For very large open spaces and room with high ceilings, it is not uncommon to use more wax. Electric tart melters often retain an even temperature resulting and longer lasting scent throw.

You can also customize your scents themselves by mixing melts together. Each ounce of wax will release scent for at least eight hours when using an electric tart melter, longer for most scents. Results may vary when using tea light tart melters.

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