Rain Garden Collection

Rain Garden Collection

The Rain Garden Collection:
Take a walk through a rain kissed landscape bursting with cool sweet greens, hidden blooms, dripping nectars, and trees laden with dewy fruits.

Green Lady Indie Fragrance By Wylde Ivy Perfume for Spring
Green Lady:
A modern, fresh dewy blend of lush green plants and sweet nectar.
Notes of: fresh cut aloe, sweet prickly pear, cucumber tonic, wild violets, agave nectar, willow, and water lotus.

Jade Blue:
A fresh, modern blend of sheer citrus and delicate white flowers with just a touch of warm tropical breezes.
Notes of bergamot, pink orange, Tahitian tiare flowers, delicate tuberose, dewy jasmine, spring greens, blonde woods, fresh coconut milk, on a bed of sheer blue musk.

Rain + Fern:
Sweet nuances of delicate unfurled fern fronds, the cool essence of the deep forest, dewy oakmoss, sweet heliotrope, white oak, crushed bergamot, and a sweet whisper of lemon leaf.

Sweet Water Succulents:
A fresh and green blend with a touch of sweetness.  Notes of pure sweet spring water, aloe leaves, lily of the valley, seaberries, agave flowers, and sweet tropical nectars.

White Wood + Bergamot:
The sun warming white washed wood, golden and promising. A kiss of effervescent bergamot and sweet white tea leaves in the air. Pink monarda flowers bejeweled with glistening drops of sweet spring rain. A warm and soft fragrance with a touch of bright citrus and sweet astringent tea notes.

The full Rain Garden Collection

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