2017 Spring and Summer Scents

"Black Sands Coconut"
A thick, rich, and brooding blend of fresh cracked coconut infused with deep, dark bourbon vanilla beans, and a touch of dried driftwood.
"Blue Aerial"
She always looked to the sky. Dreams of floating, weightless.
Something delicate, beautiful, and light as snow floating in clear December skies.
Notes of: sheer white musk, gardenia, frosted violets, vanilla sugar, baby’s breath, soft amber, and whipped honey.
"CocoLei" New
Pink tinged sunset skies, tropical wildflower perfume on the breeze and chilled ripe fruits.
Notes of creamy coconut milk, iced pineapple and nectarine mixed with night blooming jasmine, hibiscus, and plumeria leaves with a touch of sea moss, salt breeze, and white musk.
"Coconut Island Castaway"
A fresh, beachy, suntan lotion inspired coconut scent. Pull up a chair, sink your feet into white sands, and soak in the sun.
Notes of: Coconut, vanilla, suntan lotion, sun warmed sand, and salt spray.
"Creamy Coconut"
A tropical coconut scent that will make you think of sun, sand, and lush green palm trees. Embrace summer and dive head first into creamy and sweet coconut love!
 "Driftwood & Coconut"
Heavenly fresh cracked coconuts blended with a touch of dried beach woods. A coconut scent that is rich, but light on the sweet. Driftwood and Coconut is a modern take on the classic tropical coconut scent.
Notes of coconut milk, moist coconut chunks, tonka bean, dried vanilla, and aged sandalwood
"He Loves Me" New
Reformulated for 2017!
Finally, the counterpart to my ever popular He Loves Me Not fragrance is back!

The air is perfumed of tender early summer wildflowers, sweet ripe fruits, lush greens cooled by the morning dew, and delicate threads of shimmering musk. The dappled sunlight warm on your face and the sweet floral aroma washing over you as you pluck the last petal...He Loves Me!
Notes of white honey, carnation, field lilies, raw sandalwood, wild violets, a touch of green apple, crisp citron, bosc pear, and vanilla infused white musk.

"In the Dunes"
In the dunes, protected from the fresh sea wind, the sun scorches the sand. An exotic dry woody vanilla fragrances perfect for those sultry summer nights. Salt soaked driftwood, dry vanilla pods, sun bleached woods, sandalwood, dried dune grasses, a touch of coconut husk and vanilla musk.
"Lavender Berry"
This delicious fragrance belongs to my floral desserts line with Frosted Lavender and Violet Fluff. Sweet, tart, and herbal all in one. Vanilla infused sweet cream drizzled with summer blackberry reduction and topped with farm fresh whipped cream dusted with lavender sugar.
"Lost Island"
The water laps gently at the sun scorched sands. Palm fronds sway lazily in the hot breeze. Spent coconut shells dry in the sun. They may never find the island. They may never find you, but for today at least, you decide not to care.
Notes of dry coconut, palm leaves, a hint of island fruits, and deep golden amber.
"Moonstone & Opal" New
Deep and seductive as the endless pooling blue of moonstone, yet luminous and vivid as color splashed opal.
Notes of: tobacco leaf, tahitian vanilla, cedarwood, orange blossom, white patchouli, tea rose, black bamboo, crushed amber, and ripe pear.
"Pearl Dust"
Pearl Dust is sweet, summery, and shimmering. A tropical scent like no other, island fruits mingle with cocoa butter and a cool wash of heliotrope and light musk.
Notes of guava, island fig, cocoa butter, custard apple, acai, tonka bean, heliotrope, mandarin peel, and white musk.

"Pink Fiji Sunset" New
A bright and effervescent mingle of tropical citrus fruits washed with sweet fruit nectar.
Notes of: yuzu, bergamot, mandarin zest, ripe mango and guava with a hint of sun bleached wood.
"Pink Willow"
Demure, innocent, and sweet. The scent of cool spring dew clinging to delicate flowers wrapped in a blanket of white musk with a slight blush of pink.
Notes of white musk, lily of the valley, spring rain, water lily, willow, and bamboo leaves with a hint of strawberry, apricot nectar, and vanilla orchid.

"Salt & Drift" New
Sun dried and salt brined beach woods, windswept sands, herbaceous beach grass, and the slight spice of it all carried on the hot late afternoon winds kissing the dunes.
Notes of: sea salt dried driftwood, rubbed sage, vetiver, mandarin, vanilla, warm musk, and sandalwood.

"Sea Glass & Linen"
Like the cool blue and green hues of tumbled sea glass and the sweet softness of line dried linen an ethereal blend of white musk, ocean mist, bergamot, rain drenched orchids, night blooming jasmine, sweet cotton, and ozone. Sea Glass & Linen is delicate, sweet, fresh, powdery, and oh so feminine.

"She Sells Sea Shells"
Reminiscent of Wylde Summer, another “summer in a bottle” scent. The smell of beach towels dried in the salty ocean air, six layers of suntan lotion on your skin, coconut scented after sun lotion, and the way all the scents linger so closely to your skin in the heavy humid summer air.
Notes of: coconut, crushed vanilla beans, coconut milk, orange blossom, tuberose, aloe vera, and white musk.

"Tahiti Spring"
Lush spring flowers intertwine with a whisper of tropical treasures. A cool blue fresh floral with a tropical twist.
Notes of: bergamot, pink oranges, Tahitian Tiare flowers, delicate tuberose, dewy jasmine, spring greens, pink plumeria buds, blonde woods, fresh coconut milk, on a bed of sheer musk
"White Light"
Bright and effortless White Light is the flirty scent of careless summer days, sunglasses, and sundresses.
Notes of sweet island fruits, crisp mandarin peel, creamy coconut milk, lemon leaf, jasmine petals, and warm white musk infused with magnolia flowers.



2016/17 Fall and Winter Scents

"Alas, Sunflower"
“I see something a little quiet, sad (as the passing of a season is a little death), reminiscent of wind whistling through an empty field long since harvested or a garden falling into the autumn sleep.”
I simply could find no better way to describe this scent then the inspirational vision I was given to create it. We wanted to create a very different kind of sunflower scent, one of a sunflower just past it’s season as summer gives way to autumn.
Alas, Sunflower is a warm and dry scent with notes of dried sunflowers, aged cedar, saffron, wood smoke, dark vanilla spiked woods, clove, and hay.

"Amber & Spice"
Deep, heavy amber mingles with smoked vanilla and sandalwood.  With a dash of clove, cinnamon, and caraway and a touch of honeycomb this scent has an intriguing undertone.

"Apple Kiss Kiss"
A sugary rush of crisp apple slices, melted marshmallow, and crushed vanilla beans. With just the barest whisper of cardamom and musk for depth, Apple Kiss Kiss melds into a unique and captivating scent.

"Being Cleo"
Told and untold stories of antiquity. A woman of grace, beauty, and power lazed in daily in baths of milk an honey. The beautiful soft scent of wholesome sweetness lingering on the skin mixed with warm amber and plucked jasmine.
Notes of oat milk, steeped vanilla, precious amber, jasmine petals, dry woods, and white musk.

 "Black Blossom Honey"
Rich, full, and just a little dark.  The sweet innocence of wildflower honey and beeswax spiked with smoked vanilla, spiced wood, pink peppercorn, and crushed raspberry.

 "Candy Cane and a Kiss"  ~new~

Rich and sweet, dark vanilla meets a frosty sugared mint.  Leave a lasting impression under the mistletoe this year.   Candy Cane and a Kiss gives you a fresh blast of frosted mint and then settles down into a comfortable and alluring vanilla musk.

Sweet light vanilla musk, black bourbon vanilla beans, sugared candy mint.

"Caramel Darling" ~new~
A two sided fragrance that is sweet and rich with a touch of the exotic in the undercurrent. Gooey sweet cream caramel and African vanilla beans poured over honeyed amber resin, dried tobacco leaves, and a hint of spice.

Madagascar vanilla beans, sea salted caramel, black peppercorn, crystallized amber, tobacco leaves, and a pinch of clove bud.

"Charred Vanilla" ~new~
Heady and mysterious, an exotic blend of black vanilla, crushed patchouli, and smoked amber.

Notes of smoked vanilla pods, dried tobacco leaves, apple peels, pink peppercorns, dry grass, black currents, spiced woods, baked ginger, caramelized sugar, and clove

"Ciderhouse Green Tea"  ~new~
Crisp, sweet, and walking the rows of an apple orchard on a frost tinged autumn morning.

Red apple peel, fresh pressed apple cider, green tea leaves, dried chamomile, tonka beans, mulling spices, and a touch of fresh lavender.

"Cinder & Spice"
Cinder and spice and everything oh so nice....

Smokey spice meets the deep rich sweet scent of frankincense studded vanilla bean, smoked currents, cracked pomegranate, dry woods, delicate jasmine, patchouli and tea leaves.

"Dark November"
A deep, exotic, and sultry rendition of an autumn scent. It is rich, dry, and spicy with a touch of sweet and completely unique. Thick grey cloud covered November skies, dried fields bare from the harvest, apple trees heavy with ripe fruit, the warmth of kitchen sugars and spices as gingerbread cools all the table. If you are a fan of It’s My Party Bad Girl Edition, don’t hesitate to give Dark November a try! It shares some of the same notes and while note as sweet as Bad Girl, it is ever bit as sexy.

Notes of smoked vanilla pods, dried tobacco leaves, apple peels, pink peppercorns, dry grass, black currents, spiced woods, baked ginger, caramelized sugar, and clove

"In the Long Night"
Warm, comforting, and laced with allure, In the Long Night is an inviting blend of tonka bean and smoked vanilla pods, dark amber, tobacco flowers, white patchouli, neroli blossoms, and honeysuckle. A scent that says come a little closer for your long winter nights.

"Not Falling"
The golden autumn sun enveloped her in its rich warm light.  She laughed and then closed her eyes and breathed deeply.   A breezed stirred at that moment and it loosened several of the crimson oak leaves above and sent them spinning wildly to the ground.  They landed silently, bold colors on the emerald grass.  She laughed again, twirled like the leaves, and outstretched her hands to the autumn sun.
Deep, golden, warmed with a touch of spice, and grounded by dry woods.
Notes of:  Dry wood, Tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, beeswax, raw honey, teakwood, cinnamon, cardamom, amber, and cedar.
"Rare Moon" ~new~
She waits silently.  The forest around her seems to hold its breath. Moonlight pools into the clearing and she imagines it flowering like a silent stream past her where it disappears, swallowed by the night.  She reaches out her fingers and lets them dance in the light.  She closes her eyes and imagines the light is tangible and she feels it weave a soft warmth, engulfing her fingers and grasping her wrist.  She opens her eyes and it is his hand in hers.  His black eyes pour into her and his breath weaves a sheer curtain that dances around them.  "Tonight is a rare moon." he says as a smile flits over the corners of his mouth.

A fragrance that is delicately sweet but deep and passionate.  Delicate vanilla essence, sugared amber musk, dark vetiver, juiced plums, and white orchid.


"Solstice Road"
Smooth and warm, Solstice Road begins with rich notes of ancient amber and woody vanilla.  It is sweeten with a touch of black molasses, myrrh, and just a hint of dried pumpkin infused with cardamom and clove.

Notes of: amber, patchouli, sandalwood, dry woods, orchid, myrrh, sweet cream, molasses, pumpkin, cardamom, cinnamon, and clove.

"Spice Trade"
Creaking wagons carry mysterious treasures for endless days and over unforgivable roads.  Slowly they make their way across vast lands.    They are careful and keen and ever watching for they carry with them a wealth untold.  They are the spice traders and their fortune is heavy scent laden oils, steeped resins, and spices so exotic they dare not touch them. 

Spice Trader is the warm and deep scent of the finest amber resin and myrrh with dried orange slices, cinnamon bark, cardamon, and clove on a base of woodsmoke, vanilla beans, and antique wood.
Fall brings the Starling to pick the fruits from our Bradford Pear trees. The autumn breeze seems to follow these star speckled birds. Starling is cedar wood dipped in vanilla, with a touch of amber resin and damp sandalwood.
"Stolen One" ~new~
There are stories of children whisked away by fairies that take their place in the human world.  Tales of children who live their lives as wild ones in the forest.


She lived among the trees and the rocks and the babbling stream as clear and crisp as the air.  Her hair a mess of tangles and her skin scented of her bed of leaves and the wild free wind.  She heard tales of those who lived their lives in boxes, who never felt the earth beneath their feet, who never hear the call of crows echoing through the trees and who never breathed the sweet fresh air spiked with early morning mist.  If those stories were true, she felt a deep sorrow for those creatures and knew with every fiber of herself that she was where she belonged. 

Dry woods, tonka beans, earthy musk, beeswax, caramelized benzoin, tobacco leaves, and sweet bergamot.

An old soul and a young heart, familiar yet distant.  She keeps the sun at her back, always moving.  Keep your feet light and your heart open, they once told her.  It has taken her all these years to know what they meant. 
Airy top notes of fresh bergamot and orchids, a warm base of dusty amber, cedar wood, smoked vanilla pods, and aged musk.
Wanderer goes on as aged amber vanilla and and it mingles on the skin, more of the top notes of bergamot and orchid peek out.  Wanderer is a mellow, warm sweet musk.


Wylde Ivy Scents

"Black Cat No. 13"
Reformulated for 2012
Dark and secretive, seductive and elusive, the Black Cat mesmerizes all in it's path. A rich, fall inspired fragrance of black vanilla, exotic spices, white patchouli, and musk topped off with a hint of sugar dust and jasmine petals.  This new kitty is even richer and has more secrets then its predecessor.  This has to be one of my most requested fragrances, and for good reason. I'm thrilled to offer it again.  Yes, this actually is the 13th version that I created.

"Black Patch"
Sultry and oh so sexy. Smooth patchouli blended with black pepper, exotic woods, fresh ginger, Valencia orange, oakmoss, violet leaf, and amber.

"Black Tobacco"
Not for the faint of heart. Dried woods and tobacco leaves, a daring dose of spice, with subtle bottom notes of tea leaves and amber resin.
"Fairy Lily"
A fragrance so beautiful and so elegant it almost invokes the sense of standing in a fairytale forest surrounded by the clusters of snow white flowers. This is the delicate beauty of a hidden patch of Lily of the Valley that perfumes the breeze.

"Frosted Lavender"
Heavy cream infused with fresh lavender, whipped, and sweetened with lavender sugar for a double shot of sugared flowers
 "Green Grass"
Cool, green, and slightly sweet, the scent of fresh grass will bring back happy childhood memories of frolicking barefoot in a lush emerald sea of green grass. This is such a gorgeous, fresh, green scent. It is the quintessential summer scent!

"He Loves Me Not" 
Beautiful, haunting, sweet, and just a little dark.  The hazy summer day turns dark, clouds fill the once bright sky.  She takes shelter in the dark hollow beneath the old cluster of trees.  She loosens the grip on the flower in her hand as the last petal falls to the mossy forest floor...He Loves Me Not.  Notes of: Vanilla, Jasmine, Orchid, Dry Wood, and Black Musk.

"In the Rain"
She turned to look at me and then her eyes fell back to the window. “Sometimes” she said, “I hear laughter in the rain and it makes me happy for that one small moment.”
Notes: Pale blue water, crisp ozone, dewy spring greens, lemon laced white musk.

"It's My Party, Bad Girl Edition"
The Bad Birthday Girl isn't above an occasional tantrum and pout. She loathes her birthday and the attention it brings. No cards or flowers and please, please, no surprises. Do not even think about picking up a camera. She'd much rather forget her birthday all together...however, strangely enough, she will not refuse the larger then life gourmet cupcake you have offered her. Just don't expect her to share.
Notes of: Rich vanilla cake smothered in light white icing, aged amber tinged with a touch of wood smoke , freshly stripped Madagascar vanilla beans, dewy orchids, crushed pomegranate seeds, and a hint of pink pepper
"It's My Party, Good Girl Edition" New
An all new blend for a fragrance I created years ago. The sugary sweet side of It's My Party Bad Girl Edition. The good birthday girl is all sweet and charming. She glistens and sparkles and radiates pure joy. She's the embodiment of picture perfect in every picture ever taken of her, her smile practically glistens. Expect her to throw her own huge parties with people traveling from four states away to share her day. She loves the attention, she adores the primping, and she lives for this once a year day of her own.

Notes of: Pure white vanilla frosting, some cotton candy fluff, rainbow colored sugar crystals, a dash of citrus and sticky candy, with a base of sugar musk.
"Just a Look"
You know the moment. A stranger catches your eye as you approach on the street. Fixated, you are unable to look away

Out of all of the faces on the street that night, out of all of noises and lights competing for her attention, one face had her entranced. He seemed to slide through the crowd effortlessly, like air moving between trees. His eyes locked on hers, hers unwilling to look away. They shared a silent moment as they approached each other. Though strangers, a lifetime of unspoken love passed between them. Everything melted away, the people, the sounds all disappeared. They passed, only inches from touching and then he was gone from her view. She lowered her eyes to the ground, still moving forward knowing in her mind she must have only imagined the pull of his eyes. She turned, greedy for one last look. She imagined watching him slip through the crowd as fluidly as he'd appeared, never knowing his name and never forgetting his eyes. She looked up and everything before her was frozen in place. He too seemed frozen, until slowly he turned and lifted his eyes to meet hers.

Just a Look is an exhilarating and flirty summer blend of sweet nectar and lush floral that demands more than just a look.
Notes of bergamot, raspberry, magnolia, tuberose, sheer musk, night blooming jasmine, orange blossom, oakmoss, and wildflower honey.

"Little Shop in Salem"
By far one of our most popular fragrances. We've captured the scent of incense, Patchouli, potions, and maybe even a little magic in this scent. Salem is deep, mysterious, and very sexy. Popular with all ages, this scent is an earthy blend of incense and Patchouli and is full of animal magnetism!
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin Mûsa, from Greek Mousa.] meaning a source of inspiration.
The Scent:
Light and airy white musk meets delicately sweet ribbons of sugar intertwined around subtle notes of vanilla beans, orange glazed berries, and soft white florals. Be inspired.
"Night Heat"
So rich, so deep, so exotic. You don't have to cool off just because the sun goes down. The rich but unassuming scent of amber musk, myrrh, dried vanilla, night blooming jasmine, aged sandalwood, and a kiss of clove bud.
Oh sweet and lovely Raindancer, you have been gone for so long. I'm so excited to be able to offer Raindancer again. Reformulated slightly for re-release, you'll be delighted to find the same notes you fell in love with oh so long ago.
The Scent:
There is a vision of a dark haired woman in blue, catching the raindrops in her upturned palms as she turns round and round. Graceful and carefree.
Notes of: watery lily, gardenia, meringue, ambered musk, vanilla, lily of the valley, summer rain, jasmine, sandalwood, and sweet wood musk.

So dark and mysterious, this scent has a base of sandalwood, oak, patchouli, and vanilla, with hints of vetiver, lemon, black pepper and jasmine. Raven is perfect for deep, dramatic women and it even makes an alluring and unique fragrance for a man.

"Raven's Keep"
Spicy and dark, a companion to the ever popular Raven scent. Notes of smoldering black pepper, dry woods, smoked vanilla pods, dried jasmine and black currant, hints of crushed pomegranate and ancient myrrh and Tonka bean

"She Walked Delicately"
She had been known to wonder into the cool fading light of the approaching twilight, collecting wildflowers and breathing in the silence and solitude of the blossoming nightfall. In bare feet she walked delicately, almost silently, slipping gracefully through the tall grasses and low trees. Each night, pausing to gaze into the reflected moon on the still glass pool where the wild narcissus grew, she remembered him. Delicate and demure, hauntingly feminine. Sweet and fresh without being cloying or heavy.
Notes of: lotus blossom, bergamot, bamboo leaves, summer apples, jasmine, white amber, green musk, and sparkling narcissus

"Violet Fluff"
Candied violets surrounded by a bed of vanilla infused marshmallow fluff

"White Cashmere"
Warm sultry scent of vanilla pods wrapped in orchid petals with base notes of woody, sweet musk and the slightest hints of Amber and Sandalwood. Wrap yourself in the warm, clean scent of White Cashmere.

"Wylde Summer"
Suntan lotion on summer glowing skin, salty ocean air clinging to your hair, the sound of the waves carried on the warm breeze...this is summer
Notes of Suntan Lotion, Coconut, Sea Salt, Lime Peel, Jasmine, Musk, and Sun Bleached Wood


 Want to browse Wylde Ivy's library of past fragrances?  Watch for your favorites to return as special Scents of the Month or for seasonal release! 

Wylde Ivy's Retired Scent Library

Wylde Ivy Men's Shop Scents 

-----Bay Rum-----
The classic “Bay Rum” has regained popularity and is back better than ever. A very clean, masculine scent that women adore.

----Black Patch----
Sultry and oh so sexy. Smooth patchouli blended with black pepper, exotic woods, fresh ginger, Valencia orange, oakmoss, violet leaf, and amber.

----Black Tobacco----
Not for the faint of heart. Dried woods and tobacco leaves, a daring dose of spice, with subtle bottom notes of tea leaves and amber resin.

-----Deja Vu-----
Déjà vu is an exotic and spicy blend of Cinnamon Leaves and Patchouli. Precious Myrrh has been added to bring depth and smoothness to the scent with its warm, earthy vanilla like scent. This is a rich unisex fragrance.


Fresh, crisp, strong and demanding; like the roaring flow of water escaping the mountain. Citrus and green tea top notes cascade into rich juniper and clary sage, ending in the warmth of amber and tonka bean.

Clean, sleek, and modern, and with just a touch of woodsy roughness.
Notes of clean ozone, rich oak, dried citrus peel, oak moss, black musk, and deep sandalwood.
-----Into the Wild-----
It calls to the strong and beckons to the adventurous....follow the temptation...into the wild. Fresh and enticing, a rugged but modern mix of sweet oakmoss, clean bergamot, tall timber, and spiced spiked amber

-----Issue 47-----
Mysteriously enticing, rugged, and warm. A perfect blending of spices, rare woods, and smooth sweet myrrh. Rich and unique.
Notes of aged woods, cardamom, clove, sweet mandarin, smooth frankincense, ancient amber, and rich myrrh resin.

So dark and mysterious, this scent has a base of sandalwood, oak, patchouli, and vanilla, with hints of vetiver, lemon, black pepper and jasmine. Raven is perfect for deep, dramatic women and it even makes an alluring and unique fragrance for a man.

----Raven's Keep----
Spicy and dark, a companion to the ever popular Raven scent. Notes of smoldering black pepper, dry woods, smoked vanilla pods, dried jasmine and black currant, hints of crushed pomegranate and ancient myrrh and Tonka bean

By far one of my most popular fragrances (renamed Little Shop in Salem for women), Salem is deep, mysterious, and very sexy. Popular with all ages, this scent is an earthy blend of incense and Patchouli and is full of animal magnetism!
-----Sixty One-----
A rough wood based fragrance to warm up even the coldest nights. Sixty One is understated and confident.
A tempting blend of dark mahogany, fresh lemongrass, dried moss, amber resin, black musk, and rare sandalwood.
Refined, confident, and alluring, Steele is a captivating scent for men with notes of fresh ozone, cypress, citrus zest, amber, and sandalwood musk. Smooth as steel, this scent is both invigorating and eclectic.