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Added February 25, 2022

Rain Garden Collection

Added February 1, 2022

Love Note Collection

- Seaside Collection is back!

Added 2021

- Hello September Collection

The Crystal Collection

- A Winter Story Collection

- Season of Light Collection

- Halloween Love Collection is here for a limited time!

- Wayfinder Collection


Added August 10, 2020

- Beach Babe Collection has arrived
- Creamy Coconut Soap is back in stock

Added June 20, 2020

- Perfume Oils are back in stock!

Added June 10, 2020

- The Seas Collection has arrived! 

Added June 1, 2020

- Sugared Flowers Collection is here!

- Major soap restock of Black Raspberry Crush, Lilac Blooms, Melon + Berry, Sea Salt Jasmine, Rose Clay Detox, and Rosewater Glycerin.

Added May 1, 2020

- Sneak peek and early purchase of two fragrances from the new upcoming collection.  Sugar Rose and Pink Petal Sugarcube perfumes are here for a limited time.

- Sugar Rose and Pink Petal Sugarcube duo

- Flowers for You mini perfume sampler giftset

- Gift wrapping options

- E Gift Cards

Added April 21, 2020

- The Watercolor Collection

- Restock of Aloe Water, Raven, and Sea Glass Soap.

- All new Black Sea Salt, Lavender, Cocoa Butter, and Pink Amber Sunset Soaps

- Soap Dishes and Soap Mats

Added March 1, 2020

- The Boho Dreams Collection

Added January 21, 2020

- Roan Apple + Caramel Darling House Blends

Added November 29, 2019

- The Season of Light Collection

Added November 20, 2019

- The Celestial Collection

Added September 20, 2019

- The Harvest Collection

Added May 17, 2019

- Seaside Collection

New seasonal soaps include:Clementine Castile, Mango Smoothie, and Black Raspberry Crush.  Restocked soaps include Pure Butter, Chamomile & Honey, Aloe Water, Black Tobacco (also available in the men's line), and Raven (also available in the men's line). 

Added March 20, 2019

- Boho Garden Fragrance Collection

- Boho Garden Sample Gift Set

- Aloe Water Handmade Soap


Added March 1st, 2019

- Waiting for Spring Mini Collection


Added November 19 2018

- Winter Mini Collection brings five brand new fragrances and one returning bestseller.  See them all on my Scents page.


Added May 1 2018

- 2018 Summer Mini Collection is here!

- June's Scents of the Month are here!  Mouthwatering fresh fruit fragrances perfect for summer. Bing Berry, Mango Pop, and Strawberries and Sugar.

-Berry Hibiscus Punch, Mango Smoothie, and Pink Sundress soaps have arrived.

- Restocks of Creamy Coconut Soap, Chamomile Castile Soap, and Coconut Castile Soap.

Added May 1 2018

- May's Scents of the Month are here!  Choose from Floating Jasmine or Sugar and Wonder....or better yet, grab them both at a special price with the duo special.

- May Flowers Mini Perfume Gift Tin is here!

- Green Grass and Sea Glass & Linen Handmade Soaps are back

Added March 15 2018

- The 2018 Spring Mini Collection is here!  Four all new fragrances, perfect for a fresh new spring.  Berry & Blossom, Ombre in Blue, Paradise Rose, and Pink Amber Sunset join eight returning bestsellers from last year.

- An all new House Blend Perfume Mix is here.  Sugar Rose + Blackberry Lace is perfect new mixture for spring.

- Try all five of my brand new scents in the Pretty in Spring Perfume Sampler.

- Blackberry Lace and Sugar Rose Scents of the Month are back for March, by popular Demand.

Added February 1st, 2018

- New Scents of the Month, Tristan's Desire, Isolde's Wish, Blackberry Lace, and Sugar Rose.

Added December 11th, 2017

- Sugared Cranberry and Frosted Juniper soaps are new to the site.

- The Winter Mini Collection featuring Abominably Adorable, Candy Cane and a Kiss, Cedar Lane, Gingerbread Ice Cream, One Thousand Lights, and Please Have Snow.  All of the fragrances are available in perfumes as well as bath and body products. 

- A Merry Little Winter Perfume Sampler

- Cedar Lane Cologne

Added November 9th, 2017
- I am excited to announce a new wishlist feature on my website. 

-Aspen December returns and this time I've included it in my men's line (so you can quit stealing each other's soap!). 

- Returning African Vanilla Bean and Sugared Mint are back in the shop too.  I restocked Black Tobacco, Black Tobacco Men's Soap, Raven, Raven Men's Soap, and Bay Rum Men's Soap.

- All new Chamomile & Honey, Harvest, Sweet Apple Holiday, Vetiver & Snow (you can also find Vetiver & Snow in the men's section too!).  .

- Winter Lip Balm Collection is here! 

- November's Scent of the Month The Pale Moon

Added October 5 2017

- Pumpkin Masquerade and Wood Cider Scents of the Month.

Added September 15 2017

- Autumn's Twilight, Fireborn, Roan Apple, and White October as well as 16 returning favorites from past years. 

- The 2017 Halloween Collection is here!

- To see my complete Fall lineup with scent descriptions, please see my Scents page

- Sinder, a Fall and Winter edition men's fragrance

Added June 1 2017

- I've restocked your favorite summer soaps.  Creamy Coconut, Green Grass, Sea Glass & Linen, and Shine.

Added May 2017

- Three new Scents of the Month here through June!  Bing Berry, Peach & Mango, and Strawberries & Sugar

Added March 15, 2017

- The 2017 Spring and Summer Collection is here!  14 returning favorites and 5 all new fragrances.


Added January 28, 2017

- New Scents of the Month in honor of Valentine's Day: Chocolate Rose Cream, Sugar Rose, Isolde's Wish and Tristan's Desire


Added November 23, 2016

- Shea Butter Lip Balms in Caramel & Nutmeg, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Chai Tea, Winter Berry, Vanilla Kiss, Chocolate Mint Creme

- Restocked  Ginger Mint and Pure & Simple All Natural Lip Balm.  

- Perfume Sample Gift Set

- Cologne Sampler Gift Set

- Itty Bitty Cutie Gift Set

Added November 10, 2016

- New Scents of the Month including Wood Cider, Vanilla Snowfall, Cocoa Ambre, The Pale Moon, and Ginger Brulee

- Raven Soap

- Cocoa Coconut Soap

- Spice Berry Clearance Soap

- Restocked Pumpkin Milkshake Soap


Added September 12, 2016

- 2016 Halloween Collection featuring all new fragrance Friend of Jack and reformulated Lovesick & Undead

- 2016/17 Fall and Winter Collection

- Sixty One Men's Fragrance

- Spice Trade Soap

- Alas, Sunflower Soap


Added May 11, 2016

- New Scents of the Month in Cabana, Pearl Dust, and Sea Glass & Linen

- New and restocked soaps in Cabana, Creamy Coconut, Raspberry Lemonade, Shine, Sea Glass & Linen, and Summer Fling

- All new Shea Butter Lip Balms

- New All Natural Shea Butter Lip Balms


Added March 21, 2016

- All new blend for It's My Party Good Girl fragrance

- All new Spring and Summer scents Citrus Spritzer, In the Dunes, Sea Diamonds, Tahiti Spring

- Returning Spring and Summer scents Coconut Island Castaway, Creamy Coconut, Summer Fling

- Cove and Tempus Men's Cologne


Added March 3, 2016

- Wylde Ivy's Spring and Summer line:


Added January 12, 2016

- New January and February Scents of the Month: Forgotten Rose, Isolde's Wish, Tristan's Desire, Chocolate Rose Cream, Sugar Rose, Blush Apple, Crush, Neroli Creme

Added December 4, 2016

- New December Scents of the Month: Vanilla Snowfall, The Pale Moon, Not Falling

Added November 3, 2015

- November's Scents of the Month: Ginger & Brulee, Pumpkin Spiced Cider, Sweetgrass, Teak

- More Fall and Winter Soaps include: Gingermilk, Oat & Honey, Teak

- Spice Trade, Black Tobacco, and Raven join the Wylde Ivy Guy line.

- Spice Trade Men's Cologne

- Restocks of Black Tobacco, Little Shop in Salem, and Salem.


Added October 8, 2015

- October's Scents of the Month: Being Cleo, I Heart Patchouli, Sweet Apple Frost

- First Wave of Fall and Winter Soaps includes: Alas Sunflower, Raven, Sweet Earth, Spice Trade, Vintage Honey.


Added September 3, 2015

- A Touch of Brimstone joins the Halloween Collection

- Fall and Winter Scents are Here

- Black Blossom Honey Perfume

- Cinder & Spice Perfume

- Frost & Gardenia Perfume

- He Loves Me Not Perfume

- Shadow Fall Perfume

- Into the Wild joins Wylde Ivy Men's Line

*all perfume scents are also available in Bath and Body products.


Added June 15, 2015

- Blue Tulip Perfume

- Blush Apple Perfume

- Lavender Berry Perfume

- Wildflower & Wood Perfume

- Flux Men's Cologne

*all perfume scents are also available in Bath and Body products.


Added March 17, 2015

- 2015 Spring and Summer Scents

- New Palm Wax Aroma Melts (The Wylde Collection) in Lime Margarita, Little Yellow Blooms, and Sandcastles

- Meadow Grass Soap

- Black Raspberry Crush Soap

- Sparkling Clementine Soap

- Fairy Lily Soap

- Creamy Coconut Soap



Added November 24, 2014

- In the Long Night Scent

- Sweet Apple Frost Scent

- Steele Men's Scent

- Five Winter Favorites Return Wood Cider, Pumpkin Spiced Cider, Not Falling, The Pale Moon, Vanilla Snowfall

- All Natural Arctic Peppermint Lip Balm

- Fall Mountain Festival Scent of the Month

- Winter Cranberry Scent of the Month

- Lots of New Aroma Melt Scents

- A New Line of Limited Edition Aroma Melt Scents

Based on 4909 reviews

Perfect tropical scent for the Summer! Layers amazingly well with Wylde Summer

Fresh, Sweet and Floral

This is probably my favorite scent so far! It’s got the fresh but sweet lemon scent, backed by the creamy coconut milk and lovely sugary notes. This is one that I have found myself reaching for daily, especially over spring and summer. If you love sweet, fresh scents that have a slightly creamy undertone, I would highly recommend this one—especially for summer!!

A Truly Sweet Lavender Fragrance

This is really such a lovely lavender fragrance. It is a nice floral lavender, not too clean or laundry-ish like some can be. It’s just sweet, sugary lavender. Perfect for spring and hot summer days! I reach for this one a lot!

I am very picky about scents so I love bei...

I am very picky about scents so I love being able to buy samples. So far everything I've purchased from this shop has smelled absolutely amazing. And it ships out very quickly!

I got the sampler to try a bunch, and they...

I got the sampler to try a bunch, and they're all such great scents! It has a decent longevity and did not irritate my skin.

Such an amazing scent!! It's not harsh at...

Such an amazing scent!! It's not harsh at all, smells like a breezy summer night. The bottle and packaging are fantastic, and seller so sweet and helpful! I ordered two more perfumes after this first order!

This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Wonderful and seller answered all my quest...

Wonderful and seller answered all my questions

This review has no content.

This review has no content.

This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Amazing fragrance

I'm so pleased with my order! My friend gave me a sample and raved about your store. I just had to try your scents. Call the Horsemen is my FAVORITE! The Rain Garden collection is fabulous! 5 STARS!

I wear Raven as my signature scent but fel...

I wear Raven as my signature scent but felt like changing it up for the spring. Just a Look feels like spring and early summer to me. It is so beautiful and feminine without being overly sweet. I absolutely love it. I received a sample of Amber and Coconut which reminds me of my summer favorite Pink Amber Sunset. Thank you as always, Ashlee!

I adore anything coconut scented, and this...

I adore anything coconut scented, and this hit the spot better than most of the perfumes I've come across previously. I will definitely be buying again.

Pearl Dust Perfume
Courtney W.
It seriously smells luxurious!! Love it!!...

It seriously smells luxurious!! Love it!! Thank you so much and for the gift!!

Raven Perfume
Jasmine M.
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This review has no content.

Getting a little confusing as far as how i...

Getting a little confusing as far as how it's popping up on here since I ordered for different samples. The only one I haven't reviewed yet was the north seas one. I loved the scent but felt like it was a tad less unisex and definitely more masculine which is totally OK. I still loved it and would love to smell it on a man it's just not something I would wear personally obviously. Great seller, and very quick shipping!

This is one of the samples that I had orde...

This is one of the samples that I had ordered and it's my second favorite to tourmaline. I will probably order a full size of it in the very near future. Ashlee have some amazing scents and ships very quickly.

This was my absolute favorite out of the s...

This was my absolute favorite out of the samples that I had ordered. Just order the full size and a body oil of it. Definitely going to be a new favorite scent. I'm terrible at describing sense but I do have a tendency to like things that are more or slightly more unisex, smelling and not super sweet or floral. This smells fairly unisex, but with a slight softness to it. Love it.

I ordered four of the samples/mini spritze...

I ordered four of the samples/mini spritzers. Black sea salt was one of them obviously. Was not disappointed. I loved three out of the four that I received. And to be honest. I love the fourth as well. I just felt like it was a bit too masculine for me. Great scents, quick shipping!

tropical syrup

Imagine that your memory of a blue lagoon was covered in crystallized sugar with the water lapping of tropical fruit; syrupy, sticky, and sparkling with a citrus edge.

Happy & Smelling Divine

I ordered a 10 piece sampler of an assortment of different scents in EDP format, and narrowing them down was so difficult. I really liked everything I tried, all of the scents I received were so different from each other and they were all beautiful in their own ways. Ashlee even included 2 additional spray samples with my order as freebies (along with a cute sticker!) and a coupon code for next time which is perfect for when I full size my favorite samples. The order was also shipped quickly, and everything was packaged beautifully. I couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend giving this brand a try if you’re on the fence!

[P.S my favorites were Rare Moon and Raven, and I also will order Frosted Lavender, Rain + Fern and Seawall in the future as well!]

Clean, crisp scent! I would classify this...

Clean, crisp scent! I would classify this as unisex. This would be good for evenings out.

My favorite perfume seller on Etsy! Just t...

My favorite perfume seller on Etsy! Just timeless scents. The rose has delicate, sweet floral notes. It's not cloying like most rose perfumes in my opinion. Really enjoy this one!

Cedarwood Hollow Perfume
Jessica K.
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Raven Perfume
Jennifer H.
This review has no content.

This review has no content.