Day 12 Reveal Delayed and Will Now be Known as Day 13 Reveal

Day 12 Reveal is going to be delayed until Day 13.  I've been back and forth with this last fragrance.  It was becoming a problem child.  It has evolved so far beyond the theme I had originally created it for.  It is such an incrdible fragrance though, I just could not bare to hold it back from this release.  So, after 12 days of trying to name it, lots of time staring at a blank computer screen, and smelling the own arm way too much....I finally have it!  Well not completely...but I do know the direction I want to go in.  I need to take a little more time to polish the idea because quite frankly I'm loosing my mind right now and need to quit for the day.  I'm excited about the concept and I think you will be too!  I'll see you guys tomorrow with the last reveal. 

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