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Wylde Ivy

A Winter Story Perfume Oils

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This is my story of memories of winters past and wishes of winters come. Inspired by winter seasons at home, where the low foothills of the Appalachian mountains are studded with bustling Christmas tree farms, barren corn fields blanked with shimmering snow, red winter birds flashing through the white and gray woods, and a cozy home and hearth with all the warmth and amazing aromas of the season.

Coming Home:
They say that home is not a place or a building. They say home is where you are….wherever you are.
Where people come together in warmth, with laughter, enjoying sweet things and simmering spices. A small home tucked in the hills surrounded by pines. A fire in the hearth and the love of those gathered around a huge oak table worn by generations of people coming home.
Cinnamon and sugared folded into warm vanilla, aged oak and fresh firewood, mittens drying on the mantle, and golden amber December sun.
A warm gourmand vanilla and spice fragrance with just a touch of warm woods.

Fir and Frost:
Heavy morning frost feathers its way up the window panes, drawing delicate crystal curls on the glass. Outside the fir boughs hang heavy with the deep cold. The rising December sun filters through the pine trees, glittering like diamonds.
Frost kissed fir boughs with a touch of white amber, aged cedarwood, warm tonka beans, snowflakes, and dried vanilla.
Cool and crisp, a fresh unisex fragrance of a pine forest wrapped in pure white December snow.

Sweet spiced treasures strung with ribbons, cloth, and twine. Draped over mantles and doorways, hung on railings and woven through the tree, releasing their sweet fragrance to mingle with the cozy scents of the season.
Farm fresh cream steeped with grated nutmeg, vanilla beans, caramel, and cardamom kissed with a touch of white cedarwood, and birch bark.
A creamy spiced gourmand fragrance.

Gathering Pinecones:
We run through the woods, the chill biting our noses, our feet slipping on the dense blanket of fallen pine needles. Someone leaves a red scarf behind in a tree. We laugh as we see who can gather the most pine cones. With sap sticky fingers, we stuff the pinecones with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit and string them with heavy twine. Now the pinecones will be ready to decorate the sleeping trees and feed the animals when the snow comes and covers their world.
Vetiver, smoked vanilla, bergamot, pine needles, mulling spices, a whisper of apple cider and dried tobacco leaves.
A unisex fragrance of winter woods and cheer.

White Winter Birch:
A morning walk through the white birch tree grove blanketed in snow fallen overnight...white on white. The wood fire smoke lingers so much sweeter on December air and every forest sound is hushed in the dawn stillness. Your breath halos you as you walk, golden and crystalline in the rays of the rising sun. A flash of cardinal red splits the white and somewhere a deer watches with huge soft knowing eyes.
Smoked vanilla, dry sandalwood, fresh snow, forest moss, birch bark, and sweet wood smoke.
A warm, dry unisex wood fragrance.

The Product:
Wylde Ivy scents mixed with a Jojoba and Coconut Oil base. Perfume Oils are packaged in 1/4 ounce glass bottles featuring gorgeous labels and genuine Swarovski crystals. Never worry about spills with these chic little perfume bottles that feature a smooth stainless steel roller ball applicator top.

Perfume Oils do not “lift” from the skin as aggressively as alcohol based perfumes, which makes them perfect subdued personal fragrances. There are no silicones in Wylde Ivy Perfume Oils. Because of this, the carrier oils will eventually be absorbed into skin which may make repeat applications necessary on some skin types. Perfume Oils are the perfect choice if you prefer to wrap yourself in more personal scents or are sensitive to alcohol. Oil based perfume formulas allow for the fragrance to mingle with your skin chemistry more readily, creating a unique and personal fragrance experience.

Size and Packaging:
Wylde Ivy Oil Perfumes come in 1/4 ounce cylindrical glass bottles topped off with a silky smooth stainless steel roller ball applicator. They feature beautiful full color labels that are unique to each scent. Enclosed in every bottle are genuine Swarovski crystals!

Contains: Jojoba Oil, Fragrance & Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, & PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether (sugar derived fragrance anchor)

Customer Reviews

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Heather P.
Garlands is fall and winter in a bottle. T...

Garlands is fall and winter in a bottle. There is all the sweet and spice of holiday scents. Simply perfect. My reviews are late and i apologize. Everything is wonderful! Thank you Ashlee!

Heather P.
Garlands is fall and winter in a bottle. T...

Garlands is fall and winter in a bottle. There is all the sweet and spice of holiday scents. Simply perfect. My reviews are late and i apologize. Everything is wonderful! Thank you Ashlee!

Heather P.
Coming Home perfume oil is such a treat! I...

Coming Home perfume oil is such a treat! I love to see the bottle. It has been so uplifting during this hot summer. I enjoy fall and winter the most and this takes me there. This and Garlands are my first Wylde Ivy perfume oils and im very pleased. The scent is long lasting and the oil absorbs nicely.