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Wylde Ivy

An Agony of Desire Perfume

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The Scent:
Bright bergamot and mandarin soaked with crushed plums and pierced with pink peppercorns all encircled with faint tendrils of incense smoke.

Notes of fresh bergamot, mandarin, juniper berries, pepper spiked plum, orris, white sandalwood, incense smoke and amber musk.

The Inspiration:
Kind solace in a dying hour!
Such, father, is not (now) my theme—
I will not madly deem that power

Of Earth may shrive me of the sin

Unearthly pride hath revell’d in—

I have no time to dote or dream:

You call it hope—that fire of fire!

It is but agony of desire:

If I can hope—Oh God! I can—

Its fount is holier—more divine—

I would not call thee fool, old man,

But such is not a gift of thine.

Tamerlane - by E. A. Poe

The Collection:
This scent is part of the A Midnight Dreary Collection of fragrances inspired by the mind, the muse, and the glorious macabre vision of Edger Allan Poe.

The Product
Wylde Ivy perfumes are concentrated perfume oils dispersed in professional perfumer’s alcohol. Crafted in small artisan batches, Wylde Ivy fragrances are paraban, phthalate and cruelty free.

Size and Packaging:
A Midnight Dreary Perfumes are packaged in one ounce rectangular heavy glass bottles topped off with a black fine spray mister top. They feature beautiful full color labels that are unique to each scent.

Contains: SD40B Alcohol, Fragrance, & PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether (a sugar derived fragrance anchor)

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