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Wylde Ivy

A Midnight Dreary Pick Your Poison Deluxe Sample Set

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A Midnight Dreary Collection
A beautifully gothic collection of fragrances inspired by the mind, the muse, and the glorious macabre vision of Edger Allan Poe.

The Gift Set
Pick your poison and find your new favorite fragrance.  For the first time, a full Wylde Ivy collection is offered in new limited edition 1 dram size vial set!  Consider them deluxe samples, or even mini perfumes!    Five dram sized vials of the A Midnight Dreary Collection fragrances one a bed of tissue paper nestled inside of a black alumminum tin.   Five fragrance cards are included that highlight each of the fragrance's notes.  This set comes boxed in a black carboard slide box adorned with a wax seal.

The Scents:
A Midnight Dreary:
The warm and utterly addicting scent of a dark Victorian study, worn leather chairs, guttering candle light, forgotten coffee, books warmed by low fire, and rain on the window panes. The place where madness, obsession, and pure genius all reside.

An Agony of Desire:
Bright bergamot and mandarin soaked with crushed plums and pierced with pink peppercorns all encircled with faint tendrils of incense smoke.

Lost Lenore:
A demure and ethereal fragrance that is all romance and femininity.  Notes of plump pink roses just beginning to hand their heads, fading love letters, ambergris, dried heather, and white amber sugar.

The Moon Never Beams:
A pale and haunting blendof split vanilla beans, tonka infused cream, vanilla sugar musk, and just a whisper of vanilla orchids.

The Kingdom by the Sea:
Brisk and bracing, the call of the sea, stone and sun scorched wood, where rock cliffs tumble into the fathoms below and a lonely forgotten castle crumbles into the sea.  The fragrance of salt sprayed stone, sun bleached cedarwood, black amber resin, flowering wood sage, and sweet dune grass.

The Product:
Miniature glass bottles filled with 1 dram of Wylde Ivy perfumes.  Photo provide as a comparrison to our usual 1.5ml perfume oil samples.

Wylde Ivy perfumes are a mix of essential oils, fragrance accords, and cosmetic grade fragrance oils dispersed in skin friendly Jojoba and Coconut Oils. Crafted in small artisan batches, Wylde Ivy fragrances are paraban, phthalate and cruelty free. Oil based perfumes have a more subdued silage reach (the distance from which a fragrances can be smelled) which makes them perfect for more intimate fragrances. Perfumes in oil form, tend to react more with your personal skin chemistry giving each wearer and unique fragrance. Even at a greater concentration, Perfume Oils may fade on the skin during wear. It is common to apply a little oil to the hair as well as clothing (please spot test first) to prolong the fragrance.
Contains: Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, Coconut Oil, & PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether (sugar derived fragrance anchor)

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The two sets purchased are intended as gif...

The two sets purchased are intended as gifts for two avid Poe fans. The packaging is so beautiful! I can't wait to see the box set unwrapped! Thank you so much for the kind additions to my parcel. Your products are divine! Best regards, 🌷