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Wylde Ivy

In Love with Melancholy Perfume Oil | Poison Bottle Edition

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A bonus sixth fragrance addition to the A Midnight Dreary Collection.  This fragrance is a preview of the next chapter in the A Midnight Dreary Collection with all new fragrances to come!

The Scent:
In Love with Melancholy is dark vanilla twisted with a just a hint of port wine and smokey dry wood. Notes of: crushed vanilla beans, aged cedarwood, port stained parchment, and slumbering fireplace embers. 

The Inspiration:
For, being an idle boy lang syne,
Who read Anacreon, and drank wine,
I early found Anacreon rhymes
Were almost passionate sometimes —
And by strange alchemy of brain
His pleasures always turn'd to pain —
His naivete to wild desire —
His wit to love — his wine to fire —
And so, being young and dipt in folly
I fell in love with melancholy

early version of Romance - by E. A. Poe

A Midnight Dreary Collection
A Midnight Dreary Collection is a beautifully gothic collection of fragrances inspired by the mind, the muse, and the glorious macabre vision of Edger Allan Poe.

The Product:
All new and limited edition Wylde Ivy perfume oils in 9ml "poison bottle". These sisterly sweet looking bottles feature a glass applicator wand fixed to the lid and come gift boxed.   Small batch handmade, Wylde Ivy products are vegan and free of parabans and phthalates.

Perfume Oils do not “lift” from the skin as aggressively as alcohol based perfumes, which makes them perfect subdued personal fragrances. There are no silicones in Wylde Ivy Perfume Oils. Because of this, the carrier oils will eventually be absorbed into skin which may make repeat applications necessary on some skin types. Perfume Oils are the perfect choice if you prefer to wrap yourself in more personal scents or are sensitive to alcohol. Oil based perfume formulas allow for the fragrance to mingle with your skin chemistry more readily, creating a unique and personal fragrance experience.

Contains: Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oils, Coconut Oil, & PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether (a sugar derived fragrance anchor)

Customer Reviews

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Ritchie B.
Loved it!

Great smell! Wear it everyday, the poison bottles are so cute!